Switching to Natural Gas Heating in Dalton, OH

The winter seasons experienced by Canton and Dalton homeowners are incredibly cold, often falling far below freezing. This means your heating equipment has to be not only powerful but also cost-efficient and dependable. For homeowners seeking something more effective for maintaining their comfort, the professional heating contractors at Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning are proud to offer natural gas heating conversions.

For over half a century, the teams at Shanklin have stood for dependable service and unmatched workmanship. We feel that 100% satisfaction should be the baseline for service, and we strive to exceed, even that so when you need HVAC or heating service, you always know who to call without hesitation.

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Natural Gas Conversions in Dalton, Ohio

All types of heating fuel have their merit, of course. Electric is faithful and readily available nearly everywhere. Oil can be a clean and reliable source of heat. But these types have their failings, too.

Electric systems are the cheapest to purchase and have installed, but the cost of electricity is far higher than gas or oil. And oil prices ping-pong around, depending on demand, meaning it often costs more than you want it to. Oil can also occasionally become scarce, leaving you without any heating source at all.

For all of these reasons, we feel that natural gas heating is the most stable, cost-efficient, and trustworthy option for homeowners in Ohio. You can rely on our team to do all of the heavy lifting, including:

  • Assessing whether mechanical conversion is viable. Mechanical conversion is cheaper than total replacement, but it isn’t always an option, depending on your current equipment.
  • Providing a free estimate of the total cost of your natural gas conversion.
  • Connecting with the gas company and collecting all needed permits and permissions.
  • Installing and completing your new system optimally, ensuring effective natural gas heating and dependable comfort for your home.

The Benefits of Converting to Natural Gas Heating

What option you utilize to heat your home will, of course, always come down to the benefits provided by the system. Our teams strongly support natural gas because it is:

  • A clean-burning and safe fuel – When properly maintained, gas furnaces are one of the safest ways to heat a home.
  • Cost-effective heating – In most situations, natural gas will be more cost-effective than oil, and it’s nearly always cheaper than electricity.
  • The most dependable option – There’s never a shortage of natural gas, so you don’t have to stress about a no-heat emergency.
  • A green heating solution – Natural gas is easy to produce, making it somewhat renewable. Oil isn’t renewable at all, and wind, solar, or hydroelectric sources of electricity aren’t common enough yet to beat out gas in terms of eco-friendliness.

Natural Gas Heating Conversions and Services in Dalton

Whether you’re looking to convert now, just want to find out more, or need a local heating company that can provide repairs and replacements, you can get all you need with Shanklin. We take pride in our ability to provide superior service and workmanship with every project. You and your needs are always our priority, so don’t hesitate when you need natural gas services in Canton, Dalton, Green, and the surrounding communities!

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