Gas Furnace Repair in Dalton & Massillon, OH

Repairman providing gas furnace repair services in Dalton, OHA gas furnace can be the best friend of a homeowner in Dalton or Massillon. Our winters can come on pretty strong, and they tend to stick around for ages. The power and performance of natural gas are welcomed—but that doesn’t mean it is guaranteed. Sometimes even the most well-cared-for unit can go down without a moment’s notice. In these times, you can trust Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning to provide superior and swift gas furnace repair.

With years of experience and extensive training, our teams have the knowledge and tools needed to provide comprehensive gas furnace repair. Our experts put the needs of our clients first, offering dependable and affordable heating solutions when you need them most.

Looking for heating contractors that offer gas furnace repair in Wayne and Stark counties? Contact Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning online now, or give us a call for 24-hour emergency heating repair!

Signs You Need Gas Furnace Repair in Your Dalton or Massillon Home

Though a complete breakdown is a pretty crystal-clear sign, most of the time a furnace won’t go from fine to busted all at once. Usually, there are warning signs and signals you can spot if you know what to look for. If you catch any of the following common causes of trouble in your gas furnace, give Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning a call:

  • A loss in heating power or performance
  • Sharp increases in heating or fuel costs
  • Cold spots within select rooms in your home
  • A pilot light that refuses to stay lit, or that’s burning an odd color (pilots should burn blue)
  • Strange or loud noises when the unit is running
  • Rotten egg or sulfur smells (if you notice the smell of gas, shut down the system and call for emergency service right away!)

Any of the above issues will indicate some wear, or possibly a lack of maintenance in your furnace system. Left alone, these problems will grow and become more complex, resulting in more damage and higher repair costs over time—it may even lead to an early furnace replacement.

If you’re noticing the warning signs, contact Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule gas furnace repair now!

FAQs About Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces can prompt a couple of questions. This is why the Shanklin team went ahead and answers some of the most common questions we get about gas furnaces:

  • How Does A Gas Furnace Work?
    • While we could write a very long-winded answer to this question, we’ll keep it simple for now. A gas furnace takes propane or natural gas and turns it into a flame that then heats up something called a heat exchanger. When it reaches a certain point, a blower inside of the furnace will start up and push the heated air throughout the ducting system.
  • How Big of a Furnace Do I Need?
    • Well, that really depends! Factors that determine your furnace’s size include the size of your home, where you live, and a lot of other things. Ultimately, this is determined by a heat load calculation, which a Shanklin team member can perform for you!
  • How Often Should My Gas Furnace Be Cleaned?
    • We recommend that you should clean your gas furnace once a year. However, we even more strongly recommend that you get this done by a professional, as poking and prodding around a furnace can be dangerous. Leave it to the Shanklin team to make your furnace spick and span!
  • How Do I Pick the Right Gas Furnace?
    • If you don’t know the right gas furnace for your home, your best bet is to call in the professionals. The team at Shanklin can help assess your home and ensure you get the heating system to meet your unique needs.

Have any more questions? Contact the HVAC professionals at Shanklin to get the furnace repair and help you need throughout Wayne and Stark counties!

Contact Us for 24-Hour Gas Furnace Repair

We know very well that a furnace isn’t going to wait around to cause trouble during “normal” business hours every time. That’s why our team is available at all times in order to provide you with complete heating and gas furnace coverage. No matter the time, no matter the day, you can count on the Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning service team to meet your needs.

Experiencing a gas furnace emergency, or having trouble after hours? Contact us online to connect with our emergency service team right away!

Schedule Gas Furnace Repair in Wayne & Stark Counties, Ohio

You deserve a heating unit that is dependable and strong enough to battle the frigid Ohio winters. If you’re having an issue, small or large, simple or complex, Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help and equipped to provide the best in satisfaction and service.

Contact our gas furnace contractors in Dalton now to schedule repair, or reach out to our team over the phone to speak with a Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning furnace expert now!

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