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Air Conditioner Installation in Dalton & Massillon, Ohio

Thinking about installing a new AC unit to cool your home? If you’re considering a new air conditioner installation to reduce your energy usage or eliminate constant repair costs, Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning can help you determine the most efficient and effective cooling solution for your home. Our trusted technicians are experts in the industry and have the knowledge and experience to answer any cooling questions you may have.

Our certified technicians will consider your air quality requirements as well as examine your home’s floor plan, analyze existing ductwork and insulation, and more. Based on this information, our team will customize a recommendation for your new air conditioner installation.

Looking for AC installation in the Dalton, OH area? Contact Shanklin today!

Install an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner in Dalton & Massillon, OH

Since up to half of your home’s energy costs go toward heating and cooling, we offer high-efficiency equipment, programmable thermostats, zoning control, and much more to help you save energy where possible. Not only are many of these systems applicable for tax credits, but they can also save you money on your monthly energy bills.  Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning is proudly a Rheem Top Contractor, selling Rheem high-efficiency air conditioners that will essentially pay for themselves in utility savings over the life of the equipment. This makes AC installation a win-win.

Learn more about our air conditioner products.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

When you’re having trouble with your AC unit, it can be tempting to just repair the issue to avoid the cost of replacement. But if the repair will cost 50% or more of what it would cost to just replace the unit, it might be better to invest in a new, energy efficient system that won’t cause you as many problems. Here are some other things to consider:

  • The unit’s age. Air conditioners tend to give out when they’re 10-15 years old, so if your unit is more than 10 years old, it’s probably cost-effective to get a new one.
  • Your cooling costs. Are your cooling costs through the roof? You’ll probably benefit from either a different-sized air conditioner or a more energy-efficient model.
  • Your needs. Are you moving? Downsizing? Or do you just need a replacement? Think about your current needs and what your future needs might be.
  • Its performance. Was it on its last leg last year? Chances are this year won’t be much better.

If you’re experiencing any of the things in the list above, it’s probably time for a new AC installation.

Why Choose Shanklin for AC Installation & Replacement in Dalton & Massillon?

Our courteous Shanklin team always aims to exceed your expectations. Our technicians are extremely respectful of your home, belongings, pets, and family, which is why we lay down carpet protection and wear shoe covers to keep your home and yard clean. After the installation is complete, we’ll make sure to leave the area cleaner than when we arrived!

A new air conditioner will provide the comfortable environment and energy savings you’ve been searching for during the hot summer months. Get started by requesting an estimate or getting a quick quote from us online today. We offer free estimates on new systems, and we’ll be sure to schedule your appointment promptly!