Professional Water Heater Repair in Dalton, OH

When your access to hot water is cut off by a water heater that fails to meet your needs, you require a solution that is equal parts swift and thorough. For comprehensive plumbing repairs in Dalton and Massillon, you can always rely on the local plumbers at Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning.

With over 50 years of experience in the business, our plumbing contractors and water heater specialists are second to none when it comes to honest pricing, superior service, and water heater repairs that restore your home to normalcy as soon as possible.

When you need water heater repair “near me” in Dalton, Canton, Massillon, or Wooster, call our team right away. You can also schedule service any time online! 

When to Schedule Water Heater Repair

With plumbing systems, it’s always best to schedule service as soon as you notice anything unusual. Repairs often begin as small, simple issues that, if repaired on time, cost very little in terms of money or stress. As time goes on, things worsen, and you could be looking at substantial repair costs or even an unplanned water heater replacement.

If you spot any of the following, call on Shanklin for water heater repair:

  • Inability to heat water sufficiently – Both tankless and storage water heaters can fail to heat water properly. The issue is most commonly caused by a bad heating element, which requires repair.
  • Discolored water coming from the hot tap – Reddish, brown, or muddy-looking water from the hot side of your plumbing fixtures typically means a buildup of sediment that needs to be flushed out and removed.
  • Unusual noises coming from the water heater – Strange sounds are most frequently related to sediment, as the buildup of minerals will come into contact with the heating element and produce loud “pop” noises. Whistling and squealing are also common, and they’re usually related to a buildup of pressure or cracked, damaged, or leaky valves or piping.
  • Leaking around, underneath, or near the water heater – Leaks from a water heater can sometimes indicate a need to replace, but they’re frequently more minor leaks that can be repaired by a plumbing professional on the Shanklin team.

Are you noticing any of the signs that you need a plumber to troubleshoot your water heater? Contact us online, or call any time! 

Why Choose Shanklin for Water Heater Repair in Dalton, OH?

Homeowners have been choosing the plumbing contractors at Shanklin for decades, and not just because we know how to get a job done right and on time. Our specialists receive the highest degree of training, and continually undergo further training to stay on top of all of the latest in water heater technology.

We treat our clients like close family, and we do everything within our ability to ensure your total satisfaction from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for water heater maintenance, repair, or total water heater replacement and installation, you can rely on our specialists to provide logical, competent services that keep your home running smoothly.

If you need water heater repair, contact us online right away. If you prefer, you can always call — (330) 832-5848 in the Dalton area or (330) 818-2630 in Massillon. We offer 24-hour emergency water heater repair, too! 

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