Simple Steps To Winterize Your AC System

 Person in blue winter jacket putting a cover over outdoor AC unit next to a brick home.

When the weather gets nice enough that you can stop using your air conditioner, you still have to perform basic maintenance steps to ensure the system is ready for winter.

If you don’t prime your AC to withstand winter conditions, you can end up with unexpected problems when you turn it on next spring or summer. Here are some essential tips for winterizing your AC for optimal function preservation.

Protect & Prepare Your AC for Winter

While preparing your AC for plummeting temperatures can seem like a time-consuming chore, you can follow simple steps to streamline the process and get your bases covered.

The basics include:

  • Fully shutting off the system
  • Replacing AC filters
  • Cleaning any debris away from the system
  • Covering the outdoor unit to protect it from the elements

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s important to keep an eye on the system throughout the winter. That means periodically doing a visual inspection to see if any debris has collected and removing it to keep the area clear.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Preparing for winter is just part of the winterization process. It helps preserve your AC’s condition over the cold months, but you still need a tune-up before summer if you want to prolong the system’s life span and optimize its performance.

Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning’s thorough AC tune-ups include:

  • A full system inspection
  • Filter cleaning or replacement
  • Blower fan and housing cleaning
  • System testing
  • AC electrical and wiring inspections
  • Parts lubrication

With the Shanklin Savings Club, AC maintenance is a weight off your mind. The membership includes service reminders so your maintenance stays current and guaranteed energy savings and discounts on diagnostics and repairs.

Uncovering Your AC for the Spring

When it’s time to put your AC system to work for the spring and summer, there are a few steps to take that will ensure the transition goes smoothly. The system needs a visual inspection to ensure it’s still debris-free, a check on all connections, and, ideally, a cleaning before first use.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance With Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system is essential to your home’s comfort, and Shanklin is here to make sure it lasts as long as possible with regular maintenance and tune-ups.

Our ongoing weekly training ensures our technicians are up-to-date on all things AC and are prepared to service all brands effectively. With rotating coupons and specials, you can get all your AC needs met with the best value in town.

Contact Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule seasonal AC maintenance you can depend on.  

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