Should You Turn Your AC Off When You’re Not Home?

With rising energy costs, homeowners across Dalton and Massillon, OH, are always looking for ways to reduce utility costs. One commonly debated tactic is to turn off your HVAC system when you’re not home.

There are many considerations for adjusting your home’s HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment, and our team at Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you find the right solution for your family.

Turning Your AC Off for Day Trips vs. Vacations

Turning your air conditioner off won’t hurt your system, but it may create an uncomfortable environment when you return home. Whether you’re away at work or on vacation, returning to a comfortable and climate-regulated environment can be a welcoming relief at the end of a long day.

While it may be tempting to shut your system down to save money, it’s important to remember that a cold or hot home takes considerable time to reach a comfortable degree again, especially if temperatures are extreme outside.

Keeping your energy costs low doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shut your system down while away from home.

Adjusting Your Thermostat Settings

It’s a small change that can save you money in the long run. Consider making incremental adjustments to your thermostat settings rather than simply turning it off. You’d be surprised how much lowering or raising your settings by a few degrees can impact your energy bills.

Recent studies show you can save approximately 6% for every degree you raise your thermostat settings over 78 degrees during summer. This allows your home to stay at a comfortable temperature while you’re out without the hefty comfort bill.

Approximately 48% of your household electricity is dedicated to climate control. The next time you’re away from home, consider adjusting your HVAC system for convenient, cost-efficient comfort.

If you’re looking to save during the winter, reducing your indoor temperature closer to exterior temperatures can help reduce your energy consumption.

For example, if your normal settings are around 72 degrees, gradually lowering your home to 68 degrees provides long-term savings and relatively the same level of comfort.

Consider Installing a Smart Thermostat

For homeowners looking for an even more convenient and energy-efficient solution, smart thermostats are a game-changer. These devices allow you to program your HVAC system to adjust the temperature according to your schedule.

Smart thermostats can learn your preferences, provide remote control, and adapt to changes in your routine, ultimately maximizing energy savings. In the Dalton and Massillon areas, where temperatures can be extreme, a smart thermostat can be a valuable investment for comfort and cost savings.

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