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Backup Generator Installation in Dalton, OH

Having a backup generator can be a great way to keep things running smoothly during a power outage. Summer and winter storms can lead to power outages in Ohio—if you’ve been without power for an extended amount of time you already know how valuable a backup generator can be. Without power, food in your fridge can spoil, plumbing can stop working, and air conditioning or heating shuts down. The average home can use more than 100 electrical appliances, so there are even more inconveniences than having a non-functioning refrigerator, plumbing system, and heating/cooling system! However, having a backup generator for your home can alleviate those problems.

If you have a portable generator, you are likely familiar with the chore of transporting the hefty machine, fueling it up, and connecting it to your electrical system. A fully automated whole-house generator can eliminate many of the pain points of a portable generator; indeed, there are several advantages a backup generator has over a portable generator. It may be time to upgrade!

If you’d like to schedule a generator installation in your Dalton area home or find out more info, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator

As mentioned above, backup generators offer many significant benefits. They allow you to continue life as usual. A backup generator turns on within seconds of a power outage. If the power goes out for whatever reason your essential electrical home functions continue. Below are several other benefits to a backup home generator (especially compared with a portable generator).

  • Automatic start capability.
  • Very low chance of theft. Due to the generator’s weight and connection to your home’s gas and electrical lines it is nearly impossible to for a backup home generator to be stolen.
  • Permanent fixed location. Say goodbye to lugging the portable generator around.
  • More power.
  • Enhanced convenience. Because the generator is hooked up to your home’s gas line you do not have to worry about fueling it up.
  • Increased safety. The unit is located a safe distance from your home, so you don’t have to be concerned about toxic exhaust.
  • Cleaner fuel (natural gas or propane).
  • Relatively inexpensive running costs. A home standby generator is significantly less than other forms of backup power.
  • All-weather operation.

Don’t be stuck in the dark during a power outage again! Call us to schedule a backup generator installation today.

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

A home backup generator has three basic components: a generator, transfer switch, and service entrance breaker.

  • Generator – provides power to the important or selected systems in your home. This may include HVAC, refrigeration, lightning, security, and more.
  • Transfer switch – detects when the power is out and transfers power responsibilities from your home to your generator.
  • Service entrance breaker – provides protection to the circuit breaker, transfer switch, internal breakers, and generator when power is transferred to your generator from your home.

Contact Shanklin for Backup Generator Installation in Dalton, OH

If you’re looking to install a backup generator in your home or if you have any questions about backup generator installation don’t hesitate to contact us today. We have been serving our neighbors in Dalton, Massillon, and the surrounding areas in Ohio since 1960. We are committed to providing fast & friendly service, top of the line products, and quality work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any backup generator installation needs you may have.