Backup Generator Installation in Dalton & Massillon, OH

Backup Whole home generator installed in Dalton, Ohio

A backup generator for your home can be a huge help to have around in case of a power outage. Severe storms can lead to loss of power for days in some instances, and a backup generator helps to ensure you don’t have to put your life on hold until the power comes back. Your refrigerated food could spoil, plumbing can stop working, and your air conditioning and heating systems are out of commission.

Instead, backup generator installation can keep all of this from happening. If the power goes out for any reason, your backup generator will kick into gear, ensuring that your whole home is still running smoothly. Refrigerator stays on, heating and air conditioner keep your family comfortable, and there are no worries about overflowing toilets.

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Benefits of Backup Generator Installation

Are you a pros and cons person? We get it. You want to weigh all of your options before making a huge choice for your Dalton home. Here are several benefits to installing a backup generator that will help you make your decision.

  • It has the capability to start automatically, as soon as it’s needed.
  • Whole-home Generators have an incredibly low theft rate due to the complexity of removing one. So you can sleep soundly knowing that if someone even tries to steal your generator, you’re going to catch them.
  • It stays in one permanent location so you don’t have to worry about lugging around your portable generator.
  • It holds more power than a portable generator.
  • The unit is safe and convenient for your family to use, staying at a safe distance from your home and connecting to your gas lines to stay fueled.
  • A backup generator installation in your home tends to be significantly cheaper than other forms of backup power.

Don’t be left without power in your home during the aftermath of a storm or blackout in Dalton, OH. Contact us today to learn more about installing your backup generator.

How Does a Home Backup Generator Work?

Whole-home generators works to keep your power running when the electric company can’t do its one job. But how, specifically, would your home’s backup generator work?

A backup generator has three distinct pieces: the generator, transfer switch, and service entrance breaker.

  • The generator provides power to the most important (or selected) areas within your home. For example, you may want to focus power on your refrigerator, HVAC system, lighting, or security system.
  • The transfer switch is what actually detects that your home’s power is out and transfers power responsibility over from your home to your generator.
  • The service entrance breaker provides overall protection to the circuit breaker, transfer switch, internal breakers, and generator during the power transfer.

Contact us today to learn more about how a backup generator can keep your home safe when power outages happen.

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