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Classic Series: Highboy Oil Furnace


Relaxation Starts Here

Exceeds Standard Efficiencies

Rheem Oil Furnaces exceed standard efficiency levels by obtaining AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) Ratings up to 86.5%. For energy conservation and clean air, choose Rheem high efficiency oil furnaces.

Multiple Motor Options for Maximized Comfort

Since airflow control is one of the most important factors in maintaining the comfort level in your home, we offer you the choice between the value line 4-speed PSC Motor or a high efficiency ECM Motor. The PSC Motor is designed to operate at 4 set speeds in order to meet your optimum temperature needs. The ECM Motor uses an advanced, variable speed motor that automatically changes speed for heating & cooling mode requirements… eliminating sudden bursts of air while providing consistent temperatures throughout your home for maximized comfort control.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

By installing a Rheem Oil Furnace with an ECM Motor, a humidifier, and a humidistat, you can automatically control the humidity levels in your home, here is how:

• To remove excess humidity from your home during the cooling season, you probably turn down your thermostat to run your air conditioner more. The Oil Furnace with the ECM Motor, controlled by a humidistat, will automatically extract that uncomfortable humidity as your house is being cooled.
• In the heating season, the combination of a ECM oil furnace and a humidifier allows you to keep the thermostat set lower, because  humidified air feels warmer.


Rheem Classic® Series Highboy/Horizontal Low Profile Oil Furnaces with PSC/Direct Drive Motor


  • Model: ROCB-E
    • ECM
  • Model: ROCB-P
    • PSC
  • Available with Front and Rear Flue (ROCB07204M) or with Front Flue Only (ROCB07204P)
  • Highboy, Horizontal, Left or Right Discharge
  • Low Profile 44-1/2″
  • Efficiencies up to 86.5%
  • 3 Firing rates
  • 2-4 Tons A/C
  • 2 Large Accessible Clean Out Posts
  • 3 Pass Heat Exchanger
  • Can be installed with Beckett AFG, Carlin E2 or Riello F3 and BF3 Burners
  • Quick Disconnects on Burner Harness
  • Control Board works with PSC and ECM
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • This unit can be direct vented with the Riello BF3 Burner. Direct vent kits available



5 Year Manufacturer Warranty:
Rheem warrants all parts that may need replaced within 5 years from the date of your Oil Furnace installation. Parts do not include air filters, humidifier filters, nozzles, or oil filters. The 5 year warranty period is not extended if any part is replaced on your Furnace. Rheems 5 year warranty does NOT cover any labor costs or expenses for service, nor for removing or re-installing parts. Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger. 

1 Year Labor Warranty:
Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning warrants all labor within 1 year from the date of your Furnace  installation. Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning highly recommends that all furnaces have a heating performance tune-up once a year. It is highly recommended signing up for the Energy Maintenance Agreement. Being on the Energy Maintenance Agreement will save you money.  

This warranty shall not apply to damage to the furnace resulting from the owner’s negligence or unreasonable use or operation of the furnace, which includes, but does not limited to, operation beyond rated capacity, operation of electrical components at voltages other than specified in the rating plate, operation of the furnace at conditions other than specified in the rating plate or installation/ instructions, or lack of proper maintenance or service in accordance with User’s Information Manual, failure to protect against freezing, flood, or modification, change or alteration of the furnace.