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Classic Series: Lowboy Oil Furnace


With an AirEase Lowboy oil furnace in your home, you’ll enjoy an impressive combination of time-tested performance, quality craftsmanship and consistent efficiency that only AirEase technology can deliver. That’s because AirEase oil furnaces are BUILT FOR LIFE. YOURS.

Clean Performance Technology: Solid-state ignition and a ceramic ring that seals the burner to the combustion chamber ensure all oil is used safely and efficiently in the combustion process. Fully burning all oil significantly slows the buildup of silt between routine maintenance and increases long-term operating efficiency.
Clean-Cut Pump: Oil pump includes a mechanical shut-off to safely stop the flow of oil when the furnace turns off. Oil furnaces without a mechanical shut-off are likely to drip oil into the combustion chamber, causing odors from the oil and an increase of silt buildup within the heat exchanger. Dirty heat exchangers reduce heat exchange and overall efficiency of your system.
Genisys™ Advanced Burner Control: Precisely controls furnace performance while tracking operation and routine maintenance. This electronic control continuously monitors internal components for optimum performance and fault prevention.
Heat Exchanger: Each heat exchanger is made with heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel and a high-temperature ceramic combustion chamber to ensure long life and safe operation.
Insulated Cabinet: Prevents the loss of warm air while reducing operating noise.


The combination of an oil furnace and an electric heat pump pairs two energy sources for the perfect balance of energy efficiency and performance.



  • Model: L83B
    • Input Btuh – 67,500 – 151,000
    • Output Btuh – 57,000-127,000
  • Basement / Lowboy
  • 83% AFUE Efficiency Rating


5 Year Manufacturer Warranty:
Airease warrants all parts that may need replaced within 5 years from the date of your Oil Furnace installation. Parts do not include air filters, humidifier filters, nozzles, or oil filters. The 5 year warranty period is not extended if any part is replaced on your Furnace. Airease 5 year warranty does NOT cover any labor costs or expenses for service, nor for removing or re-installing parts. 20 year warranty on heat exchanger.

1 Year Labor Warranty:
Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning warrants all labor within 1 year from the date of your Furnace  installation. Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning highly recommends that all furnaces have a heating performance tune-up once a year. It is highly recommended signing up for the Energy Maintenance Agreement. Being on the Energy Maintenance Agreement will save you money.

This warranty shall not apply to damage to the furnace resulting from the owner’s negligence or unreasonable use or operation of the furnace, which includes, but does not limited to, operation beyond rated capacity, operation of electrical components at voltages other than specified in the rating plate, operation of the furnace at conditions other than specified in the rating plate or installation/ instructions, or lack of proper maintenance or service in accordance with User’s Information Manual, failure to protect against freezing, flood, or modification, change or alteration of the furnace.