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Burnham: Gas Boiler


The Series 3 shares many of its features with the award winning ES2, including the durable cast iron heat exchanger, rugged heavy gauge steel base, and the innovative IQ Control System. The IQ Control System allows the Series 3 to be easily equipped with an optional energy saving control package that, according to many studies, can deliver up to a 15-20% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, the Series 3 provides even more flexible chimney venting options making it the right choice for millions of homes.

  • The ultimate replacement boilers, saving money through system efficiency.
  • Can be installed in virtually any home heating system.
  • Reliable performance, quality construction.
  • Unique and innovative control system.

 The best boiler for most homes 

No matter how efficient a boiler is, if it doesn’t operate efficiently in a home’s heating system, it’s not an efficient installation. IQ gas boilers are designed to handle the high water-volume systems which are present in most homes. They have also been designed to operate at lower temperatures than conventional cast iron gas boilers. This means that the boiler doesn’t need to fire at a high rate to maintain home heating comfort, which translates into greater system efficiency and
lower heating bills.

 Built to save, built to last, made in America 

When it comes to home heating, every BTU is precious. U.S. Boiler Company understands, and takes energy efficiency seriously. From thick insulated plates and seamless corners in the burner base to the insulated steel jacket, every IQ boiler is designed from the ground up to keep heat in the
heating system. The cast iron heat exchanger is the heart of these boilers. It is manufactured in Zanesville, Ohio and is designed for years of reliable service. Each heat exchanger is water and pressure tested prior to assembly. The boilers themselves are built in Lancaster, PA. Every component used in the IQ family of boilers is subject to strict standards of quality control and performance verification which are used throughout the manufacturing process.


  • Burnham By Series 3
    • Models: 303, 304,305,306
    • 70-280 MBH (7 sizes)
  • 84% AFUE
  • Electronic ignition
  • Natural or LP gas
  • Exclusive IQ Control System platform
  • Optional LCD touch screen for system monitoring
  • Time proven cast iron design for durability and reliability
  • Optimum venting flexibility for homes with existing chimneys


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty:
A limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty,plus a one-year manufacturer’s parts warranty are included with IQ-Family boilers.

1 Year Labor Warranty:
Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning warrants all labor within 1 year from the date of your boiler  installation. Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning highly recommends that all furnaces have a heating performance tune-up once a year. It is highly recommended signing up for the Energy Maintenance Agreement. Being on the Energy Maintenance Agreement will save you money.

This warranty shall not apply to damage to the furnace resulting from the owner’s negligence or unreasonable use or operation of the furnace, which includes, but does not limited to, operation beyond rated capacity, operation of electrical components at voltages other than specified in the rating plate, operation of the boiler at conditions other than specified in the rating plate or installation/ instructions, or lack of proper maintenance or service in accordance with User’s Information Manual, failure to protect against freezing, flood, or modification, change or alteration of the boiler.