Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dalton & Massillon, OH

Dryer vents are essential to the proper function of a dryer. If your vent gets blocked, you could run into dryer problems and even end up with a fire. Make sure your dryer vents are clear with help from Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning.

Our crew brings years of HVAC and indoor air quality expertise. We can carefully remove your dryer vent, clear out the line with professional equipment, and ensure that your vent is safely reattached.

Trust Massillon & Dalton, OH’s premier heating and cooling contractors to handle all your dryer vent cleaning needs. Speak to us now to schedule service.

How Do I Know My Vent Needs to Be Cleaned?

Dryers are designed to dry clothes quickly and efficiently, but sometimes the heating vent can get clogged with small bits of dust and debris. Over time, your system can suffer and fail to work properly.

You may need your dryer vent cleaned if:

  • Your dryer doesn’t fully dry your clothes as it did in the past
  • Your dryer leaves some clothes wet after the cycle is finished
  • Your dryer feels hotter than usual when in operation
  • You notice a burning smell whenever you operate your dryer

A properly functioning dryer will dry every article of clothing in a reasonable amount of time. The unit should feel warm when it’s running, but if it feels very hot, there’s a problem. If you smell a burning scent, that means the dust and debris are burning and there is a serious fire risk.

Don’t take chances with your dryer when the vent could be clogged. For expert dryer vent cleaning in Massillon or Dalton, OH, look no further than Shanklin.

Talk to our crew today to schedule the services you need most.

Hire Us for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dalton or Massillon

For over 50 years, Shanklin Heating & Air Conditioning has been a trusted AC contractor and heating contractor for Dalton, OH, Massillon, OH, and the entire local region. Customers have been able to trust us for fast service, reliable work, and brand-name products.

As an extension of our duct cleaning services, we now offer dryer vent cleaning services. Our professional-grade tools can get deep inside your dryer vent to vacuum out major clogs. When we’re done, you can use your dryer without worrying about fire risks or long-term damage to your unit.

Keep your dryer working safely and effectively. Contact Shanklin today to schedule dryer vent cleaning services in Dalton or Massillon, OH.

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